artist's statement
There is only one reality, and that is nature. The city is more likely to tend towards fiction. Due to its irreality, the city is opposed to the nature, and the environmental issues are the symptoms of this opposition. In an urbanized world, we have lost a deep sense of unity with nature. Instead of enjoying it, we are increasingly detached and immersed in the world of artificial materials. It seems to us that our mechanical reality does not depend on it. However, the natural processes that regulate all connections in the ecosystem, are much older than human, and therefore they cannot be neglected.

Veronica was born in 1985 in Potsdam (Germany). At present she lives and works in Moscow. In her works, the author explores nature, its ability to regenerate and renew itself.

One of the main areas of author's work are sophisticated landscapes, made in her own style and using her own techniques. If the author's painting is designed to immerse the urbanized person into harmony, then the author seeks to use the art objects for drawing attention to the destructive industrial actions that have a detrimental effect on the climate and the environment.

When the world has focused on the industrial age, people more than ever need to go back to their roots. Architecture and urbanism have reached the point where it is necessary just to open up, let go and enable the nature to intervene.

Veronica's art is in the private collection of the Ruarts Foundation (Moscow). And in private collections in England, France, USA, Germany, the Netherlands, UAE, Russia.

  • contemporary art, Higher School of Distance Education "Sreda Education", Moscow 2021-2023
  • Exhibition "All in the garden!", Ruarts Foundation, Moscow (2022)
  • Exhibition «Art out of time», Cube Moscow, represented by the gallery ART&BRUT (2022)
    Exhibition "Glory" art center UNICK, Yaroslavl (2021)
  • Exhibition "New Reality" for the 100th anniversary of UNOVIS. New Tretyakov Gallery (2020)
  • Heart Research UK Charity Auction, England (2020)
  • Exhibition "On the Sunny Side", Milli Art Gallery, Moscow (2020)
  • Exhibition-auction of the Charitable Foundation "Gulfstream". Moscow (2018)
  • Russian Art Week in Budapest, Hungary (2018)
  • Russian Art Week in Italy Italy (2018)
  • Personal project Marriott Moscow Hotel (2017)
  • 1st place at the exhibition "Talent of Russia" Section: avant-garde painting 2019
  • 1st and 2nd places at the Russian Art Week in Italy Nomination "Avant-garde in nature" 2018
  • 3rd place at Russian Art Week in Budapest 2018


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