Friendship of Peoples 2021
The most important problem in our twenties is the problem of relationships In time. Alienation is difficult only for my representatives of the white and white races, who stand out from their imprisonment in the materialized Tower of the past." Frantz Fanon "Black skin white masks."

The work is dedicated to post-colonial Russia and touches on themes of national identity and self-determination. It's about the desire to get rid of past attitudes and stereotypes to traditionally influence the freedom of a decolonized generation and build a world in which no one is any longer different.

The work is based on the "Friendship of Peoples" fountain, which is located at VDNKh in Moscow. The fountain serves as a symbol of the USSR. The golden sheaf is surrounded by 16 female figures representing the republic. Each of the figures holds plants in their hands - symbols of the republic, which were used to create the work.
the art object is in the collection of the Ruarts Foundation